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We just can’t stand still.

Space is unlimited. Just like us. We’re constantly growing. Constantly changing. Constantly bringing new ideas, new projects. We strive for change. The change of your digital experience. The change that makes it better one. It’s our motivation. Our drive. And we can’t stop. We won’t. Never ever.

Starflix Vilnius

Digital advertising agency

Starflix is the leading digital advertising agency that can be proud of thousands of customers all around the globe. Its goal is to help each business to find the most cost-effective, individualized and customized digital advertising solution starting from website to innovative online advertising solutions. Yes, you’ve just found your digital marketing guru!


WordPress Academy

Learn the art of building websites at our Web Academy. It’s an intensive and practice-oriented web design course that fully prepare web designers for all the future challenges. The theory consists of just 10% and practice, of course, 90%.

Register now – the number of students is really limited!